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Our Pre-Internship course is designed to develop learners’ independence and confidence, particularly in their employment skills, to support in their future goals of obtaining work.The course includes a mixture of classroom-based learning and work experience to develop employment skills in preparation to progress on to the Supported Internship/external work. Learners’ complete classroom-based activities that offer them opportunities to develop their social, emotional and personal skills, preparing them for their work placements. Placements take place on two afternoons per week, starting with those secured within the college grounds to help learners develop their employability skills and confidence. For learners who progress to being prepared for the next steps, external placements are secured to further support in learners being prepared for work.

An active EHCP plan and a level of independence to be able to complete work placements with limited support.

A flexible and inclusive course offer, this one-year pre-employment course is based at the college and is designed in response to learners’ individual needs and requirements.Learners are provided with a bespoke, personalised package of learning created around their individual needs as they work to complete a non-accredited RARPA portfolio of evidence. The curriculum is centred around the following themes: Personal and Social Development, Independence, Employability and Work Experience and learners are also provided with opportunities to achieve accredited English and maths qualifications at a level best suited for them.With a well-planned, collaborative approach to delivery by our specialist teachers, Learning Facilitators, Job Coaches and Employment Officers, we offer a supportive and positive experience for all our learners. We organise job placements for learners that take place both internally within the campus and externally with employers.Learners are introduced to the working world through a range of enrichment activities, supporting the broader experience and our learners are at the heart of every activity we plan for and deliver. The content is differentiated to provide maximum stretch and challenge, personal and social development, and progression opportunities for each individual learner.

A versatile collection of units that are designed to support flexible and personalised learning in maths and English, alongside the themes of Personal and Social Development, Independence, Employability and Work Experience.

Many of our learners progress to our Supported Internship within Stepping Hill Hospital. Alternatively, we have an Entry Level 3 First Steps into Care and a Level 1 Certificate in Skills for Further Learning and Employment that learners can progress to.

Throughout the course you will develop transferable employment skills and explore your own career options.

Learners are assessed in a variety of ways. We establish a learner’s starting point within their induction in our courses and create a tailored learning package in line with the Initial Assessment results. Assessment throughout the course is regular and appropriate; observations, written work, practical activities and verbal responses are utilised to assess the progression of our learners.

This further education course is free for all 16-18 year olds and 19-24 EHCP learners who are a resident in the UK and the European Economic Area or have been for the last 3 years.

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